Back in Beijing: Yellow Alert!

sandstorm, beijing, "dust storm"

View from my Beijing apartment: Absolutely hazmatic

Woke up this morning to my first sandstorm in Beijing. Exciting! Everything outside is covered by a layer of dust, as if yellow snow had dropped from the skies overnight. But it’s not snow; it’s sand from Inner Mongolia that’s spread to an area the size of Texas. The few pedestrians on the streets are going around in face masks and hoods or scarves wrapped around their head.

I was supposed to meet a group of Chinese Indonesian students at Peking University this morning, but we’ve wisely postponed. The wind is roaring and air pollution today has reached hazardous levels.

Now, where’s that face mask of mine?

beijing, "blue sky", pingguo, pingod

A rare "blue sky" day that actually has blue skies

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