De Bamboo Express

jerk chicken fried rice

I may never need to eat again.

In the name of research for my upcoming trip to Kingston, Jamaica, I headed to De Bamboo Express, a Chinese-Jamaican restaurant in Prospect Lefferts Garden, just two subway stops away. Outside, the neighborhood was a mix of hair salons, 99 cent stores and restaurants advertising curried goat; music pumping from parked cars provided the soundtrack of the streets. (Nod to AppetiteForChina for the tip on De Bamboo Express.)

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I ordered the jerk chicken fried rice ($4), which was peppery, moist and generally delicious. It’s hard to see in the photo, but the portion was enough for two; I practically gobbled down the whole thing. Now I’m completely stuffed and have no desire to eat again. Or at least not until tomorrow. Before today all I’ve tasted of Jamrock/West Indian cuisine have been patties (from Christie’s on Flatbush), but I can safely say I’m a fan. Though I wonder how people get anything done in Jamaica – I battled serious food coma after lunch. Burp.

"de bamboo express", chinese, jamaican, food, restaurantI wanted to talk to the proprietor, a man who spoke a Jamaican patois and looked like he might be of Indian descent, but the constant stream of customers lining up to order made this impossible. Take a look at the menu and you’ll see what everyone’s chowing on; the mix of Jamaican, Indian and Chinese food means there’s everything from roti and plait bread to cow foot soup and jerk lamb lo mein. (Can someone explain what “cook up rice” is?) Wash it down with a Guyana or a Ting.

Now, to the gym.

De Bamboo Express 772 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226 (718-469-0117)

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